A Bed of Roses


What is the meaning of “a bed of rosesphrase and how it is used in sentences?

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A bed of roses” means an easy and comfortable situation in which a person likes to live. In modern language, it is a metaphor for one’s “comfort zone” from which he does not want get out.

The origin of “a bed of roses” is traced back to its first use in 13th century in a French work. Later, it was used by Christopher Marlow in his poemThe Passionate Shepherd to His Love” published in 1599 after his death.

“And I will make thee beds of roses
And a thousand fragrant posies.”

Examples in Sentences:

Example #1: It is used as a metaphor for life such as “Life is a bed is not a bed of roses.”

Example #2: It can be used as a simile such as “For the English royals, life is like a bed of roses.”

Example #3: The life of a professional person is not a bed of roses, as he has to constantly work hard to stay updated about his professional skills.

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