Why does the literary explanations of Charles Dickens opening quote in the tale of two cities on on my cell phone interrupted after fifteen seconds by a page of pure advertisements and bate click links? I find it particularly ironic given the content of this passage about class warfare and the economic disparity of the poor, that the number one search result on google for a literary understanding of this passage can’t even be read before a page of advertisements pops up, hoping you accidentally click on one of the links thereby giving a number of clicks and so more money to the advertiser. The sad thing is that the content of this sites literary explanation is good, in fact the only scholarly resource I could easily find by google search on my phone, and in fact is dealing with a passage that talks about the same desperate devices that spawned this click bait page in the first place. Please fix this.

English Tutor Answered question July 31, 2020

Sure, we shall consider it and take this fact into account. Thanks for pointing it out.

English Tutor Answered question July 31, 2020