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Before King Beowulf goes to fight the dragon, he says: “Nor abide by the barrow, ye breastplate-mailed,/ ye heroes in harness, which of us twain/ better from battle-rush bear his wounds./ Wait ye the finish. The fight is not yours,/ nor meet for any but me alone/ to measure might with this monster here/ and play the hero.” What does this quote reveal about Beowulf as a character?
Group of answer choices

a. That he is prideful and wants the glory for himself.

b. That he is selfish because he wants the dragon’s treasure all for himself

c. That he wants help from his fellow warriors to fight the dragon.

d. That he believes he can defeat the dragon easily.

English Tutor Answered question September 6, 2021

It is the first one as he feels that only he can be a hero.

English Tutor Answered question September 6, 2021