Can you please explain what a socratic seminar is?


My teacher said that we will be having a socratic seminar on the book that we are reading (Lord of the Flies) and I’d like to know how I can prepare?  Thanks.


Hi Jake – Lucky you, socratic seminars are AWESOME!

It’s a great chance for you to learn from your classmates, and vice versa.  The best part about socratic seminars is that they aren’t like a traditional teacher “lecture;” the teacher typically facilitates the seminar, or group discussion, while the students take the lead on asking questions, discussing themes, etc. with classmates, and identifying important passages from the book.

Lord of the Flies is a great book to discuss during a socratic seminar, since the characters and themes are relatable.  While you’re reading the chapters to be discussed in class, I would highlight passages that stand out to you, and come up with questions that relate to the characters, their behavior, setting, language, themes, etc.  This is helpful because you will most likely be asked to share your thoughts, and will be expected to have textual evidence to back up your claims.

I hope this helps!

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