Consonance in Seamus Heaney’s Poem “Digging”


Give me the examples of consonance working with alliteration in Heaney’s poemDigging?”


In Seamus Heaney’s poemDigging”, sometimes consonance appears with alliteration making a firecracker sounds:

  • “The squat pen rests”

This lines uses “t” and “s” sounds work together with “e” sound in “pen” and the word “rests.”

  • “Cut more turf”

This uses “t” sound.

  • “Nicking and slicing neatly”

Rich in consonant sounds like “ck” “ing”, “t” and “n.”

  • “Squelch and slap/ Of soggy peat, the curt cuts”

Here you can see mostly alliteration and sibilance, even though the lines are alive by the use of consonance too on the sounds “p” and “t.”