Enjambment and Something Else

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Both pairs of lines below contain enjambment, but what device do “puffballs” and “shades”, which end one thought while beginning another, represent?

“Spiders were weaving, in the mould heaving / puffballs loomed about my knees” – Tolkien, The Sea Bell

“cuckoos are here with joyous / shades of dark green arise!” – LiteraryDevices Editors, Short Examples of Enjambment, #5

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Hi English Tutor,

Great catches. Thank you.

But I am looking for the name of a special form of enjambment, I think, Most enjambments just continue a thought beyond a line break, as “puffballs” and “shades” do.

But “puffballs” and “shades” also begin another thought, making each of them “within two thoughts” (cogitationes intra duos).

Is there a figure of speech or literary device in which a word or phrase ends one thought and begins another, like “puffballs” and “shades”?

Thank you for your initial analysis. I am honoured and appreciate that you took the time to solve my query.

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The first one is metaphor, as the puffballs represent the “mould,” while the “shades” is a personification as they have been shown as human beings arising to enjoy the voice of cuckoos.

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Overall, it is enjambment and there is no other literary device for that. However, as they are other figures of speech in their own right, it is already pointed out. You are welcome to submit as many questions as you think you need.