Frost’s intentions in the Road Not Taken


Can you double check your information about Frost’s intentions with the Poem the Road Not Taken? Here’s a good resource:

This is probably the most misinterpreted poem EVER and it is a shame because what Frost was really saying with the poem, if you read it closely, is the opposite message of what most people claim he’s saying.

He’s actually poking fun at the bootstrap theory (I’m taking a little liberty here by comparing bootstraps to this “difficult path”) and cleverly identifies how we like to make ourselves look good in hindsight and justify our actions by romantically pining about all the hard work we’ve done when in actuality any achievement in life is due to multiple factors, yes, hard work is one but that is quite relative to your starting point. Other very strong influences that predict “success” in a variety of domains include access to resources such as engaged parents in early childhood and healthy living environments. As a lover of language, poetry, and science I find this misinterpretation most disturbing, please correct it!

English Tutor Answered question July 21, 2020

As a student of language, you are also aware of perspectives and you must know that every person has a different perspective disregard of the clarity in language. Therefore, it is our perspective and that is yours. We must respect our perspectives, yet, interestingly nobody knows the real intentions of the poet. Therefore, it goes to your credit that we are interpreting it through different perspectives and reading our perspectives too.

English Tutor Answered question July 21, 2020