Hyperbole and Personification in Sylvia Plath’s Poem “The Mirror”


Give me examples of two literary devices used in Sylvia Plath’s poem, “The Mirror?”


The entire poem presents a perfect example of personification. Look at its title; one could assume that this poem is about someone with human qualities described in the poem. For instance, in the following line below:

Whatever I see, I swallow immediately.

Here mirror swallows the reflections seen on glass. As we know, mirrors do not swallow or eat however, people can.

Second literary device is hyperbole, when mirror says:

Now I am a lake.

This line contains both personification and hyperbole–personification, because mirror speaks like humans and hyperbole because the poet has exaggerated the mirror, which is deep like a lake. However, unlike a lake mirror is very small in size and cannot be deep and endless like a lake.