I need to use this example in an essay, can any one find a device for it?


I’m reading ‘The Help’ and needing to use this example:

“We want to show your perspective…so people might understand what it’s like from your side. We-we hope it might change some things around here” – Miss Skeeter 

Any one have a literary device I can use?


Yes, here we have found some literary devices in these lines:

Alliteration: These lines have used alliteration on /w/ sound giving flow and beauty to this text.Let us see these words with alliteration:

We, want, what.” 

Assonance: There is also repetition of vowel sounds creating internal rhyme within these lines. These repetitions occur by using sound /i/ in the words:

“might, like and side.”

Assertion: There is also basic assertion in the following lines, which is a straightforward statement expressing an opinion or belief.