Is the phrase “planting tomatoes” Metonymy?

R. Frank 3 Rep.

Planting tomatoes when one is planting seeds.

would appear as Metonymy or Synecdoche.

Because the word “seeds” are being replaced by the word “tomatoes” a component of the plant it could be a form of Synecdoche. But I believe it to be Metonymy.

Thank you for your time and assistance.

R. Frank asked
EnglishTeacher1 251 Rep.

I agree with you that “planting tomatoes when one is planting seeds” is an example of synecdoche. The main difference between the two devices is that synecdoche refers to a whole by calling it the name of any of it’s parts, while metonymy refers to description of a thing that is closely linked to that thing, but is NOT a part of it. Since seeds are indeed a part of tomatoes, this saying is an example of synecdoche.

EnglishTeacher1 answered