Literacy Technique Help


Dear Sir/Madam

Are there any techniques in the following example from Time is Money by Lee Falk? (Short Story) I am looking for more sophisticated literacy devices but if there are only simple ones I am still intrest. 🙂

The endless rows and tiers, row upon row, tier upon tier, click and hum quietly.

Occasionally there is a loud click, more of a clack, (self correcting, lost in thought?)

But he’d neglected this for a long time. (All one syllable words beside neglected 3 syllables)

They chose those words which best expressed their philosophical and religious beliefs

I’ve something for you, extraordinary, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, said Tom as he rifled his briefcase, trying to decide which folder to pull out. (No conjunctions just commas)

Short alternating dialogue between two individuals using very few words?

Tick-Tick-Tick. (Technique?)

The prudent merchants who ruled this land made it all that simple. Foolproof. (One word sentence technique?)