Literary devices


1. “Great catch!” said the skipper, as the wicketkeeper dropped the ball.
2. White fluffy clouds like sacks of silk drift across the evening sky.
3. The boom of thunder, the crash of waves…
4. A silver scaled dragon with jaws flaming red, sits at my elbow and toasts my bread.
5. I shall return, to laugh and love and watch with wonder eyes at golden noon, the forest fires burn.
6. The winter evening settles down, with smells of steaks in passageways.
7. I cried a river of tears when my cat died.
8. The splendor falls on castle walls.
9. I heard the water trickling down the stream.
10. Under the fiery furnace, the sun, we trudged for mile and miles.
11. Mother will be pleased with the untidy state of your room.
12. What did the ocean say when the plane flew over? Nothing it just waved.
13. Keisha was frightened to death by the duppy story.
14. The flowers are lamps that flame up steadily from green depths.
15. Sweet day so cool, so calm so bright…The dew shall weep thy fall tonight.

English Tutor Answered question June 12, 2020

1. Repetition

2. Consonance of /f/ and /s/

3. Onomatopoeia

4. Consonance, a heroic couplet and rhyming scheme

5. Consonance and assonance

6. Personification

7. Hyperbole

8. Consonance and personification

9. Consonance /t/

10. Alliteration /f/

11. Irony

12. Personifications

13. Hyperbole

14. Metaphor

15. Heroic couplet

English Tutor Answered question June 12, 2020