Literary Devices Being Used In This Text?


Hello, would someone be able to help me decipher what literary devices are being used in this text?

“If the fishermen lived hard, it was no doubt because they died hard as well. In the industry’s heyday, Gloucester was losing a couple of hundred men every year to the sea, four percent of the town’s population. Since 1650, an estimated ten thousand Gloucestermen have died at sea, far more Gloucester men than died in all the country’s wars. Sometimes a storm would hit the Grand Banks and half a dozen ships would go down, a hundred men lost overnight. On more than one occasion, Newfoundlanders woke up to find their beaches strewn with bodies.”

I can see there’s an evocative verbs such as strewn with bodies. There also seems to be a number of thought provoking (comparisons/equivalents?) such as a ‘couple hundred’ amounting to 4% of the population and ten thousand deaths being more than the town’s total war casualties.

What I am missing however, are the actual terms of these devices. Without them I am unable to answer the question accurately and in that academic way.

Any tips?

Thank you.

English Tutor Answered question January 12, 2021

The first sentence is a paradox, while the second and third make up a logos. It is also a pathos as the death of men shows. The same is the case of next two sentences.

English Tutor Answered question January 12, 2021
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