Literary devices


Is the term “troubles so far” a literary device?  Thanks!

If so, which one?


Well, your question is not clear. Nope, I don’t see any literary device in this phrase. However, if you could give its example in a sentence properly, then I would let you know exactly what is it.

I have to write a poem for English and label all literary devices in the poem. My poem is about the American Dream and starts out like this:

Everyone says how luck we are
To live in a country with troubles so far
The American Dream is ours for the taking
An amazing life is what we should be making

I wasn’t sure if the term “troubles so far” was a literary device or not. If it is, which one would it be? Thank you SO much!!!

Yes, we can use it as connotation as it tells about emotional and hidden meanings associated with it. Here troubles connote some tense and troublesome experiences in past.