Need help identifying devices



I reaaally need help analysing several literary devices. Maybe you could give me any ideas?

I’m analysing the film “Mr. Peabody & Sherman” (2014) and I need to find literary devices in it. By the way, I’m not a native speaker. In the following examples I’m giving my guesses:

  • …of perhaps the most unlikely genius the world has ever known. (Is the phrase in bold metonymy/hyperbole/personification or neither of them?)
  • Let’s just say, the Leaning Tower of Pisa wasn’t always leaning. (Could this be a pun? Or maybe epanalepsis?)
  • I’ll stay, I’ll heel, I’ll even shake hands. (Is this anaphora/parallelism or isocolon?)
  • If a boy can adopt a dog, I see no reason why a dog cannot adopt a boy. (Antimetabole or chiasmus?)
  • I think we can file this night under “Unqualified Success.” (Could this be a metaphor?)
  • Spoiler alert, King Tut dies young. (Could this be any kind of literary device?)
  • Old “Flip-Flop Ra,” we call him here in the underworld. (What about this flip-flop Ra?)
  • – Because I’m sitting here all day on my abbondanza! – I don’t think that means “chair” in Italian. (Could this insertion of a foreign word be any kind of literary device? I’m guessing it was not done without a reason…)
  • Are you ready to get on the field, Shermanus? (Also this one. The real name is Sherman.)
  • You may kiss the Grunion. (Also this modification of “You may kiss the bride”).

I’m not sure this is the right place to ask these questions… But I’m a little bit hopeless at this point.

Any kind of help would be welcome!

English Tutor Answered question May 6, 2019

This is the right place, but only short answers are given.

English Tutor Answered question May 6, 2019