Ode to indolence by John Keats use of language styles and effects help required



I was wondering if you could help me with some of the analysis and effect of the language styles and techniques used in Ode to Indolence by John Keats?

Thank you for your time 🙂


The style of this poem is descriptive as Keats gives various descriptions concerning background of nature in second stanza, description of three figures in first and third stanzas and so on. Keats has also used different other literary techniques including, internal rhyme, allegory, personification and irony, etc. Let us see how he has used the below given techniques:

Internal Rhyme:

One morn before me were three figures seen
Was it a silent deep-disguisèd plot
The first was a fair Maid, and Love her name

I have underlined the words creating internal rhyme.


The second was Ambition, pale of cheek,
And ever watchful with fatiguèd eye (lines 26-27)

Here poet compares his ambition to a person

You are welcome!

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