“Out of nowhere” ending or an ending that is just waking up from a dream


I recently heard someone use a phrase or word to describe the situation where an author uses an extraordinary, fantastical, and/or irrational ending to conclude a story instead of addressing and solving the conflicts introduced along the way. I think this phrase may also apply when the author ends the story by saying it was “all a dream.” I’d like to know what this is called. Does anyone here know what I’m talking about?

English Tutor Answered question June 15, 2021

If it is stated by the end that “it was “all a dream” it means that now the author has made his protagonist of the story to wake up. It also could be a moment of recognition. Hence, it is an epiphany. If you do not agree, please elaborate your question.

English Tutor Answered question June 15, 2021