Should “inessential” be used as a word in the English language?


I want to know if there are any philological arguments against the use of the “word” INESSENTIAL. I am of the opinion that the hyphenated word NON-ESSENTIAL just simply sounds better than INESSENTIAL or UNESSENTIAL, and is currently the overwhelmingly preferred usage.  Are there any articles or style pamphlets, similar to WILLIAM STRUNK & E. B. WHITE’s  “Elements of Style” booklet ?


Oxford defines inessential as “not necessary”. However, it is very strong as it expresses disapproval while non-essential is commonly used to show as “not completely necessary.” However, sometimes hyphen is not used, while in American English, hyphen is a must. Unessential is actually inessential and have the same meanings. Merriam-Webster states that it is an archaic form of insubstantial. An etymologist is required to explain its evolution.