Theme of Truth and Lies in Ibsen’s “The Wild Duck”


How has Ibsen used the theme of truth and lies in his play “The Wild Duck?”


Ibsen has used a complex theme of truth and lies. Gina Ekdal, for instance, lives in a lie that she never reveals to her husband, Hjelmar Ekdal that who is the real father of her daughter, Hedvig. whether it’s he himself or Hakon Werle. Yet, she lives in a perfect truth that she loves her daughter and husband wholeheartedly.

Another instance of this theme involves Gregars Werle, who knows about doubtful paternity of Hedvig and determined that happiness and freedom demands from him to inform Hjelmar Ekdal about dubious nature of his daughter’s paternity. Yet, he lives in a terrible lie as he believes everyone would be glad to know the truth, instead Gregars’s life of lies destroys the happiness of entire family and causing Hedvig to commit suicide.

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