Tim Burton’s style


i am writing an essay about Tim Burton’s style. Help!



Tim Burton’s work is so much fun to analyze! I love his films. To begin discussing Burton, I suggest you view his first-ever project, Vincent. It’s a short 6 minute film that began his career as a successful director of imaginative, child-like gothic films. Here’s a YouTube link to the film: Vincent

Tim Burton was wildly influenced by fairy tales, Edgar Allan Poe, and by (believe it or not!) Dr. Seuss. His work is characterized by a child-like playfulness and innocence but there are often dark, grotesque themes associated. The stories Burton tells are often imaginative adaptations of fairy tales, but they are almost always dark and creepy, like The Corpse Bride or Edward Scissorhands. The work of Walt Disney is a stark contrast to the work Burton produces. While Disney often glosses over the scary parts of fairy tales, Burton embraces them and makes them a focal point. A good way to describe Burton’s work is “gentle horror stories.” His films won’t keep you up at night, but they can be startling to watch!

Hope that helps. He’s one of my favorites! 🙂