Types of a Cliche


I have come across various types of cliché, but do not know exactly how many types are there, please let me know about its types with examples?


There are six types of clichés, including:

  1. Proverbs

Ex: A leopard cannot change its spots.

  1. Idioms

Ex: I will take any port in a storm.

  1. Catchphrases

Ex: “Come on down!” (Means the Price Is Right)

  1. Metaphors

Ex: Do not bang your head against a concrete wall.

  1. Similes

Ex: He eats like a monster.

  1. Allusion

Achilles’ heel (weak spot of someone)

As you know that cliché is a worn-out and overused expression, which conveys a popular idea, and all above-mentioned types follow the same pattern, however remember that it is not necessary that all proverbs, catchphrases, idioms, similes and metaphors are clichés.