What are the motifs that were in Pride and Prejudice?


I know for sure that one was the courtships between Darcy and Elizabeth, and Bingley and Jane. Also, what are some things that were repeated throughout the story?

Thank you!


Yes, courtship is one of the important and repeated motifs in this novel. Other repeated motifs include, balls, income, militia, trees, and books, journeys, estates, and walking. Let us discuss a few of them:


First journey Elizabeth takes when she intends to visit Mr. Collins and Charlotte, this journey brings her close to Mr. Darcy, and leading to her first proposal. She takes second journey to Pemberley and Derby, where she feels growing flames of love for Darcy. The third journey sends some people to search out Lydia and Wickham and this journey finishes with Darcy tracing the couple and saving the honor of Bennet family.


Estates are important motifs, which are directly related to Elizabeth. The two big estates Pemberly and Rosings directly relate to power status that women may hold.


Walking is also a notable motif. For instance, it was during walk that Darcy gives Elizabeth a letter of explanation, and it was again during walk that they reveal their wishes and end up with a loving accord.

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