What are the tones in this poem?


If ever mercy move you murder me,
I pray you, kindly killers, let me live.
Never conspire with death to set me free,
but let me know such life as pain can give.
Even though I be a clot, an aching clench,
a stub, a stump, a butt, a scab, a knob,
a screaming pain, a putrefying stench,
still let me live, so long as life shall throb.
Even though I turn such traitor to myself
as beg to die, do not accomplice me.
Even though I seem no human, mute shelf
of glucose, bottled blood, machinery
to swell the lung and pump the heart–even so,
do not put out my life. Let me still glow.

English Tutor Answered question February 18, 2021