What literary devices go with Dr.Seuss style of writing?



i am brand new to writing. I am writing a book using a similar style of rhyme as dr Seuss, so AABB, AND ABCB, however, I fear it might get a little repetitive – what types of literary devices could I use to break it up a bit, to signal a different content (So far I have the ‘narrator’ using dr Seuss style, however, I thought a new style could be appropriate for the characters) Thank you so much for your time.

English Tutor Answered question February 2, 2021

Hello Liz,

It is very difficult to perceive how you are going to adopt a style for writing your stories. It is entirely up to you. Just keep in mind that children use sensory perceptions more than adults. Therefore, you need to depend on metaphors and similes more than other devices. Also, your style need to be yours only. Do not copy and mimic others.

English Tutor Answered question February 2, 2021