What would this be called


This is the first 3 lines of my “poem” (for lack of correct word) but I don’t know what form of Literary Device it is. It is a criticism of modern female values as opposed to traditional values. Could you tell me what form of device or style it is?


Both grew up poor, without a father, just a hard-working mom & brothers
Both, in form & appearance, attractive if not beautiful,
Both conversant, intelligent, thoughtful … all the ingredients for success
Both pursued opposite goals and both accomplished the pinnacle of that goal

One, in the pursuit & accomplishment of scholastic honors & scholarship,
On to a bachelor’s degree, magna cum laude, law school & a law degree
And to a long list of career “First” in many legal positions & climaxing in the final First
At 41, achieved the pinnacle … appointed as California Supreme Court’s first female Chief Justice

The other, no scholastic accomplishments, barely finished high school
On to a job in a music store, she played piano, chores and friends … no “Firsts”, no “Career”
Only with the same hope, effort and determination of generations before – to meet the “one”
No “career goals”, no grand illusions … finally, magic accomplished, a supportive husband … a supportive wife

English Tutor Answered question August 29, 2021

This is a free verse poem. Please ask a question about other things and specify them.

English Tutor Answered question August 29, 2021