Whats the definition of Author’s craft?


What’s the definition of author’s purpose?


Well, do you want to know the definition of author’s craft or author’s purpose? These both terms are totally different.

Ok, I think you wanna know the definition of author’s purpose.

Well, as you know there are different types of writing, ranging from Shakespearean classic plays to screenplays and political speeches. These all types of works vary in type, genre and tone, however as writing works, they must have one thing in common, which is a “purpose.” Authors write for different reasons and those reasons are known as author’s purpose. Depending upon the purpose, they may choose different forms of writing genres, vernacular and formats.

In simple words, an author’s purpose is his reason that he chooses to write about a particular topic. Then he decides whether his writing purpose should inform, persuade or entertain, which are three categories of author’s purpose.