Which literary device?


Which literary device compares things by mentioning about their similarities as well as their differences at the same moment?

For example:-

The words embroidered as well as laced have been used in the same sentence
so in this sentence, embroidery is a tight weave of threads and the designer has the liberty to create his or her own patterns

while a lace is a dainty strip of cloth where the designer has to use a fixed pattern that has already been designed

in these two words, the similarity is that both embroidery and laces are used to beautify a work…

While the differences have been mentioned above…

So which literary device has been used in this context?

English Tutor Answered question June 22, 2020

It could be a simile or metaphor. Keep in mind that sometimes differences are explicit, while sometimes implicit. It means that similarities could be in one or the other aspect or in some aspects and not as a whole.

English Tutor Answered question June 22, 2020
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