Write a me a essay to see how good you write.


Choose one of the following:

Ottoman Empire

Wall of China

Silk Road.

On a document create a proposal for a game.  This is a game The REALM may actually create.

Follow this guideline for points:

150 points:  The Sell: Three paragraphs which explain your game.

  • Paragraph 1 is the overview
  • Paragraph 2 is the gameplay
  • Paragraph 3 is the closing appeal

This must be PERSUASIVE and promote a desire to play the game.

50 points:  The Play:  This is the details on how to play the game.

  • What are the game pieces?
  • Number of players?
  • Type of board or cards?


50 points:  5 facts you learned from BrainPop or research, about this subject that will be included in this game. These can be events, locations, or people.

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