Think Outside The Box

Meanings of “Think Outside The Box”

The phrase “think outside the box” means to think differently, or from a new perspective. It also means to come up with something completely unique, innovative, and unconventional.

Origin of “Think Outside The Box”

The phrase “think outside the box” is said to have originated from Aviation Week & Space Technology, in its publication of July 1995 it goes thus; “We must step back and see if the solutions to our problems lie outside the box.” Since then, it has been used by various authors in almost the same sense but in different words and forms.

Examples in Literature

Example #1

Think Outside Of The Box Be Outside Of The Box by Alfreda Doyle

“To think outside of the box you must be outside of the box
Catching the spectrum of rainbows
Receiving the energy flowing around
Mining the space before matter arrives
To think outside of the box you must be outside of the box
Paint brushes to apply ideas
Ushering in light beams of meaning
Looking for symbols of information
To think outside of the box you must be outside of the box.”

This stanza explains the literal meanings of the phrase by providing logical examples. She starts by saying that if someone intends to think differently, he should bring positive changes in his thinking. These positive vibes will help him discover the new meanings of the subjects he sees in the world around him. On a deeper level, if someone wants to enjoy the multiplicity of the subjects around, he must be able to think outside the box. The phrase, though, used as a reference, also demonstrates its effectiveness when used as a repetition.

Example #2

Thinking Outside the Box by Tracy Timothy

Take your place upon your throne
Enjoy the ride
Cut through the tape
If you’re so longing to escape?
See the bigger picture
Money don’t make ya richer!
Be chilled instead of ****
Only true love, will make you richer
It is on the outside of the box.

These lines use the phrase as a metaphor for a happy life. The speaker urges us to enjoy our life by looking at different perspectives. People nowadays try to find solace and comfort in worldly pursuits and money. However, the speaker states that money does not bring any color or happiness in our life. It is only true love that provides us with comfort, we, as human beings, long for. Unfortunately, only a few people understand this philosophy of life. Therefore, the singer states that if we want to enjoy the ride of life, we need to think outside the box. The phrase has been given in the last line to show its use as a metaphor for life.

Example #3

Outside the Box: A Book of Poems by Karma Wilson

Written by Karma Wilson, the book, Outside the Box, is a treat for readers of all ages. The writer has beautifully presented before us a perfect blend of happiness, sorrow, and surprise in the form of this work. This book provides delight and entertainment to both; parents and children. Each and every poetic piece provides them a chance to look at the bigger picture of the things; it enables them to think about the different shades of meanings. The phrase shows its meanings clearly when used as the title of the book.

Example #4

Thinking outside The Box: How to Think Creatively By Applying Critical Thinking and Lateral Thinking by Bruce Walker

Bruce Walker, an American physician, and writer, attempts to explain the true meanings of the phrase. The text revolves around tips and encouragement; the writer suggests to us how to apply creative thinking to our daily life. He addresses the misconception people to follow that only writers, artists, physicians, businessmen, and other trained persons could have different and creative approaches in life. To him, every individual is unique, creative, and innovative. We only need to learn how we can stimulate our unused creative abilities to life.

Examples in Sentences

Example #1: “I always encourage my students to go for solutions which are outside the box. It makes them innovative and helps them with problem-solving.”

Example #2:My friend has spent his precious life in performing a routine job work. I never expected that he would think outside the box and change the monotonous routine of his life.”

Example #3: “Like many other students Sam was also trying to copy the points provided in the guided books. I encouraged him to think outside the box and make a difference in the class.”

Example #4: “When I was attempting to solve my assignment, I thought of my friend’s suggestion. Then I thought of other students that they would have different ideas too. Thus, I intended to go outside the box and expressed my thoughts in a pictorial form.”

Example #5: “The employees were asked to think outside the box and put forth new imaginative and innovative projects.”