Allusion analyze and complete


Allusion: Analyze & Identify 

Allusion a reference to a person, place, or event from history, 

literature, sports, movies, or the arts

 They hit it off like Romeo and Juliet. 

Directions: Underline the allusion in each sentence. Then, tell where it came from and what it means. 

  1. Dad has turned into a Scrooge this Christmas season. 

what it alludes Onomatopoeia: Analyze & Identify 

Onomatopoeia the use of words whose sounds suggest their meaning 

The plates clattered and clashed as the table was cleared. Directions: Find an example of onomatopoeia in each sentence and write it on the line. 


what it means: ____________________________________________________________ 

  1. Shelly is still waiting for her Prince Charming to come along. 

what it alludes to: ________________________________________________________ 

what it means: ____________________________________________________________ 

  1. Mr. Miller was laughing like the Wicked Witch of the West. 

what it alludes to: _____________________________________________

what it means: ________________________________________________

  1. Everyone cheered for us like we were the Dream Team! 

what it alludes to: __________________________________________ what it means_________________________________________________

  1. I’m proud to live in the land of the free! 

what it alludes to: _________________________________________

what it means: ______________________________________________

  1. I was happy to put my John Hancock on the petition. 

what it alludes to: _________________________________________

what it means: ______________________________________

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