Examples of Imagery and Symbolism in Fire and Ice by Robert Frost


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Can you please help me find out the examples of imagery and symbolism in the poem, Fire and Ice by Robert Frost?” Since both appear very close to each other, so it seems quite difficult to me to differentiate and find them.


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Yeah, it is a little tricky because both terms come side by side but if you know the exact meaning of imagery and symbolism then you can easily understand the both.

Well, imagery is a poetic device that uses descriptive language and it appeals to your senses, means the words bring a mental picture of a thing being described. Now, in the poem you need to look for the words that touch your senses. What could be those words? Fire? Yes, fire is imagery as it elicits a feeling of light and heat and also burning, agony and pain.


Now come to symbolism, it is using symbols to represent or signify someone, or something. So, here fire is both imagery and symbol, therefore it looks tricky. However, how is it? Fire is a symbol of desire. Another symbol is ice that symbolizes hate. I hope, now you would have understood. Keep giving your feedback.