Iago’s poem in Othello

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In 2.1.164 Iago responds to Desdemona with a 12 line poem (6 rhyming couplets). Does this poetic form have a name?

She that was ever fair and never proud,
Had tongue at will and yet was never loud,

Never lacked gold and yet went never gay,
Fled from her wish, and yet said “Now I may,”
She that being angered, her revenge being nigh,
Bade her wrong stay and her displeasure fly,
She that in wisdom never was so frail
To change the cod’s head for the salmon’s tail,
She that could think and ne’er disclose her mind,
See suitors following and not look behind,
She was a wight, if ever such wight were—

To suckle fools and chronicle small beer.

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No, it does not have any name except that it has been differentiated with the rest through the use of heroic couple.

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