Identify the literary device used in the paragraph?


As I entered the market my hands held firmly to my market bag and I patted my pockets assuredly of the money I was about to spend. All around vegetable and fruit vendors shouted and called at me, advertising what they had for sale.
” Bodi! Six dollars!”
“Apples! Five for twenty!”
I thought to myself, that, I had to buy from these vendors, or they would be angry at me.
I looked around and saw so many beautiful colours and types of fruit. As I reached out to choose my apples, the soft fuzz of the kiwi grazed my hand which reminded me that I wanted strawberries to attempt to make, chocolate covered strawberries for my Valentine. I was my own Valentine! Ha!
I was excited about this purchase until a rancid smell of rotten fruit changed my mood.
I folded my face like a tissue after I blew my nose, but now that sour taste of portugal was distinct in my mouth. Yuck! Such a popular fruit, but I always scorned its taste and smell; and this was rotten. At that moment I wanted to leave. I purchased the rest of vegetables and fruits in a hurry and exited the market with relief.

English Tutor Answered question February 18, 2021

This paragraph shows self-reflective tone through the use of alliteration (saw so, chocolate covered, /s/ and /c/ sounds), personification (my hand reminded me), and imagery (in the last three lines).

English Tutor Answered question February 18, 2021