Is the “I want to use you” expression offensive?



i am working as a freelancer programmer, and English is my second language.
Clients sometimes approach me with messages that contain sentences like:
“I would like to use you to add existing google scripts to my account.”

This sounds to me as if the client would think I am inferior and treats me as an asset or a tool to serve him instead of treating me as an equal human with due respect. Since English is not my first language, I am not sure my interpretation is correct, and what is the implied tone of the above expression or sentence.

Could you please explain the how to correctly understand this?

I was googling for hours and also used other search engines, but to my surprise, I can not find any relevant explanations for this, in fact almost no hits at all for the term “I want to use you”. Very strange, as if this would net be a proper English term.



English Tutor Answered question May 3, 2020

Zolton, mostly “would” denotes extreme desire or wish of a person. In this sense, it means that the approach customer sense your worth. Therefore, he is desirous of having a working relationship with you. Therefore, do not take it negatively.

English Tutor Answered question May 3, 2020