Macbeth act 2 scene 3 personification


“Some say, the earth/Was feverous and did shake” (ii.iii.-60-61)

Can someone please explain what is being personified, what human quality is described and what ideas or feeling are conveyed? Yes, this is a homework and I do not understand the shakespear. I would appreciate any help. Thanks


Yes, sure.

It refers to an important underlying theme of world losing balance due to treachery that Macbeth had committed. Lennox comments on the disturbance of natural world after King Duncan’s murder. He reports that earth shook throughout the night. The night was chaotic, wind blew down, cries of grief, terrible voices and screams of death were heard. Then, he personifies earth as having fever, shaking or trembling, which are purely human traits attributed to earth.

Hope, it would help you!

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