Physical Tonal Word Harmony


Wouldn’t the dubious English “word”, INESSENTIAL, be more stylishly expressed (in my opinion, in ALL INSTANCES) by the hyphenated word NON-ESSENTIAL, or its most common synonym, the word, “unnecessary”, given current usage trends ? —- Isn’t this analogous to THOMAS JEFFERSON’S use of the more mellifluous term,”inalienable”, rather than John Adams more stentorian preference for “unalienable” (rights), in his final draft of THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE ?


For inessential and non-essential, please refer to another question here. However, in case of “unalienable” and “inalienable” both are the same terms. However, the later one has gone through evolutionary rigors and is a more preferred term. Garner has not differentiated between them in his book Modern American Usage.