“point of view” of a short story


Hello! I want to ask about how to write the “point of view” in a short story analysis? are there some things must be indicated in the “point of view”?


Yes, sure. Let me tell you three basic point of views used in a story writing, including:

1. Third person Point of View

In a short story, this point of view uses three types, which are:

In this type, while telling the story, the speaker not only grants the readers access to characters’ opinions and thoughts but also other things too, which the characters are not able to distinguish. Thus, readers are not limited by the inabilities of the characters in this point of view.

  • Objective

It is not affected by personal opinions and thoughts of characters and not biased. Writer presents events and facts as they happen and he reports what exactly he hears and sees.

  • Central Intelligence

In central intelligence, author tells the story through point of view of a single character, main character. Readers see everything through his/her eyes.

2. First Person Point of View

It uses two types:

In this type, an author focuses on character’s thoughts and feelings. As its name suggest that a character speaks to himself. In fact, the story occurs in his mind.

In this point of view, a character speaks to other characters.

3. Second Person Point of View

It simply uses pronoun “you” in the description.