Relationships in Frankenstein


i am confused by some of the characters’ relations in Frankenstein; particularly, Victor Frankenstein’s relationship with Robert Walton and later on, Victor’s relationship with the monster.  Can you please clarify?  Are there any parallels?


Jake, good questions.  Victor Frankenstein is a complex character; the reader virtually sees Frankenstein develop from being an innocent, youthful boy to an older, guilt ridden man who avoids human contact.  Victor is a prospective scientist who has created a (male) monster; the monster is ugly and is shunned by society, which damages his self esteem and makes him resentful toward Victor.  The emotionally complex monster can be compared to humans in that we, too, are capable of goodness, evilness, loneliness, and compassion.  Without retelling the entire story, Victor regrets ever creating the monster, and on his search for the monster, Victor happens upon Robert Walton, to whom he relays his story.  Victor dies after telling his story to Walton, which leaves Walton feeling upset due to the closeness of their short relationship, and is also bittersweet for the monster because Victor was essentially the only being with whom he had any kind of relationship.  Walton’s personality traits can be compared to those of Victor in that they are both chasing unattainable concepts or ideals.  Hope this helps!