What literary techniques are used in this poem?


It’s not the endings that will haunt you,
But the space where they should lie,
The things that simply faded,
Without one final wave goodbye,
Like a book with torn-out pages,
Forgetting things you’re sure you knew,
Question with no answer and a song stopped halfway through,
So when your mind attempts to store them,
Their crooked shape will never fit,
And forever in the corners,
Of their consciousness, they sit,
Jagged edges made from moments,
You cant be quite sure where the last,
Slicing thoughts that opened healed
As they attempt to slip right past.
You see not knowing is what haunts you,
The memories that never mend,
For they are puzzles missing pieces,
For all the things that didnt.
(the word ‘didn’t’ at the end fades off)

English Tutor Answered question June 20, 2021

It is a full poem and will be published soon with all literary devices. However, just see that things have been compared to human beings lying down that is a good metaphor.

English Tutor Answered question June 20, 2021
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