/Who or what is the antagonist in the story Silent to the Bone?


I have to do a novel review, and this is the only thing that I can not figure out.


The main character, Branwell Zamborska is basically a caring, honest, and smart boy. Though everyone in the story accuses him of dropping little baby, Nikki. Everyone seems to be convinced that he did it. However, his trustworthy and caring friend Connor sets out to solve this mystery. This mystery unwinds when Branwell gives clue to Connor about Morris who exactly knows what happened on the day of 911 call. He learns that it was Nikki’s baby sitter, Vivian, who is responsible for this tragic incident. Because Morris reveals to Connor that Vivian is in habit of smoking around baby and does not care even when she cries. So, I held Vivian be responsible for all this and she is antagonist, not Branwell.