10 Famous Marriages in the Bible

There are many love stories and happy marriage life stories, novels, and blogs about celebrity couples and also ordinary people. However, the least discussed successful marriage stories are from the Bible. The Bible is the revered book for Christians, and it is also the most widely read book among the non-Christians alike. The Bible also contains life’s greatest stories of love, forgiveness, and hope. From stories of devastation, sin, flaws, to the recovery, the Bible is perceived as a life guide.

In this article, we’ll be uncovering the stories of 10 marriages in the Bible. Amongst each, we’ll reveal the mystery and the lessons of love and commitment that stands the test of time. After all, when trouble seems to brew at lover’s paradise, there is only one that can solve it all, God.

Adam and Eve

According to the Bible, Adam and Eve are considered as the first wedded couple. They had an opportunity to enjoy life’s grandest aspect offered to them in the Garden of Eden. God’s original plan of mating a man and a woman in the paradise despite their differences synergizes well with their diverse and unique personalities. God’s plan of meeting two people is a gift of love and commitment. However, their seemingly perfect love story was distorted due to sin. However, they are still taken as an example, in most wedding ceremonies. The new couple is encouraged to keep God as the center of the couple’s celebration of love. However, be wary of temptation as it can lead to the commitment of sin and a crumbled marriage, with two hearts broken.

Abraham and Sarah

Abraham is considered the “Father of Nations” in both Old and New Testaments. A long-time couple, Sarah doubted God’s promise of a son to her. This made her feel like God is making a nonsensical promise to her. In the hopes of having a child, Sarah devised a plan to have a surrogate child as her own. She brought Hagar, a maidservant to Abraham as a bearer. In due time, God fulfilled that promise, and Sarah gave birth to Isaac. In spite of their wrong choices, Abraham and Sarah remain on the best examples of a couple in the Bible.

Isaac and Rebekah

Abraham didn’t want his son, Isaac to marry a Canaanite. He tells his servant that the girl who gives water to him and the camels will be Isaac’s wife. Rebekah is an example of perfection and obedience.  In this story, the Lord affirmed their relationship by making sure that kindness towards others is a primary focus to be bound to each other. Rebekah leaves her family and to continue her married life with Isaac.

Jacob and Rachel

Jacob and Rachel are an example of love achieved with a 14-year battle. It was love at first sight. In exchange for her hand in marriage, Laban, Rachel’s father urged Jacob to work for seven years before giving him permission to wed Rachel. However, on the night of the wedding, Jacob realized he’d been deceived. He is married to Leah, Rachel’s older sister. Laban insisted that older children should marry first and that Jacob needs to work for seven more years to wed Rachel. In this story, deceit and sin are forgiven in the name of love. Rachel to work for fourteen years to live their lives together.

Boaz and Ruth

Ruth and Boaz’ marriage is an example of second chances for people who once lost their spouse. No matter what the past is, all is well in the eyes of Love. As a foreigner and a widow, Ruth has gathered the unsettling stares from people all around her. However, because of her mother-in-law Naomi’s kindness and guidance, she receives special favor from Boaz at first. Eventually, Boaz marries Ruth’s without past judgment, and they lived under the elder’s guidance.

Elkanah and Hannah

Hannah’s tragedy and Elkanah’s marriage is an example of patience and miracle. Elkanah has two wives, but Hannah is barren. Peninah would always undermine Hannah, but in the end, Hannah is able to conceive the greatest judge of Israel, Samuel. Instead of throwing Hannah out of the marriage, Elkanah would always comfort Hannah, and that showed love despite flaw and differences.

David and Abigail

David is known to have many wives. Among them, David’s marriage to Abigal was special. She was his third wife. People in your life that God did not send to stay in it will serve its purpose as a lesson. In this story, Abigail intervened and prevented David from doing foolish things. She was indeed a wise woman and one that God sends to David. This story of wisdom being brought to another person is God’s way of providing guidance.

Hosea and Gomer

Hosea’s love story and marriage with Gomer is an example of forgiveness and compassion. In spite of sin, deceit, and treachery, people can restore their relationships with God’s love and guidance. Hosea was instructed by God to take in a Gomer who was a promiscuous woman. Eventually, Gomer committed adultery, leaving Hosea heartbroken. Later, Hosea takes her back into his life with renewed trust and forgiveness. This story tells us that no matter what happens in a relationship, with forgiveness and love, restoration is possible.

King Xerxes and Esther

According to many historians, Esther’s marriage to King Xerxes is a miracle that saved Jewish people. Esther saved thousands of Jewish lives, and that is not something any ordinary woman can do. The same goes for every woman in the world now, not everyone is entitled to influence a man’s life, but she can try. If Esther’s and Xerxes marriage meant that with the right motive and patience, the evil plot would be stopped. The reflection for this story is to influence a man or a woman to be the best versions of themselves.

Joseph and Mary

Marriage of Mary and Joseph is another example of forgiveness, acceptance, and true love. In a patriarchal society, as before, Joseph had every right to disown Mary for conceiving a son that is not his. However, he loves Mary more than his own pride and listens to the angel’s warning. Despite having no clue of the future, they surrendered to God’s will. According to the historian, Joseph brought up Jesus as his own. In this story, it reminded us that commitment when last through the good times and bad times; love grows stronger.