Describe Five Themes of “A Tale of Two Cities”


Identify such themes, which Dickens brought out by delving into characterizations of his novel, A Tale of Two Cities?



There are many themes in this novel; however, Dickens has brought five of this category, including:

Theme of sacrifice: which author brings by using character of Sidney Carton that signifies theme of sacrifice.

Theme of abuse of power: The character of Madame Defarge is the perfect embodiment of someone who abuses power.

Theme of human Predicament: In its opening paragraph, author outlines the basic human condition in modern setting, where humans find themselves hovering between two opposing ends of their existence.

The theme of political corruption: In tracing out the progress of French Revolution from democracy to rule of terror, Dickens shows corruption in both power and partisan.

The theme of insider an outsider: In presenting the callousness of Marquis de Evremonde, Dickens reveals how in modern predicament the individuals in power, the definite insiders can silence the voice of poor ones, who are on the outside of power.

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