Stephenie Meyer’s “Twilight” as a Present day Fairytale


Do you think “Twilight” is a modern or present day fairy tale?


It is indeed a very interesting question. But wait, for this you must remind the basic elements of a typical fairy tale. Then, you could decide whether “Twilight” comes into that category or not? Let us check those elements:

Elements: remote settings, Magic, romance, fantastical animals, happy endings, based in folklore and legends

So, I would say yes it is. For instance, the Cullens have magical abilities to survive in human world, foresee future, and read minds. They reside in remote areas, somewhere deep down in woods. Edward and Bella’s romance is the stuff usually happens in dreams; he is perfect, determined and strong. Another fantastical animal is Jacob, a werewolf, who brings conflict for the relationship of Edward and Bella. Overcoming their differences enhances the fairytale element of ending the series. In fact, the story relies on legendary vampires. Thus, you see all these are the characteristics of a fairytale.

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