Warrior Archetype

What is a Warrior Archetype?

A warrior archetype is a character who is a warrior of ancient tales, expeditions, and quests. He is a hard and rough male but sometimes may become cultured and civilized. Such male characters are characterized by aggression, offensiveness, invasion, and even attacks with the full might of the army or military or brigade behind them. Yet, such characters could have other features of other archetype characters, the reason that they could have a short duration in the life of a character.

Types of Warrior Archetype Characters

Warrior archetype characters are not always warriors. They adopt several roles, which also become an archetype in a given situation. Some of the important categories of warrior archetypes are as follows.

  1. King warrior archetype
  2. Queen warrior archetype
  3. Knight warrior archetype
  4. Lover warrior archetype
  5. Valiant warrior archetype
  6. Freedom fighter warrior archetype
  7. Rebel warrior archetype
  8. Hero warrior archetype

 Character Traits of Warrior Archetype Characters

Although there are various warrior archetypes, the main category has highly positive traits except for aggression and offensiveness, which falls into the negative category. Among positive attributes, a warrior archetype character demonstrates military prowess, mental agility, and physical strength. He is a brave, bold, handsome, and athletic fellow who is fearless in the face of threats and dangers and does not mind plunging into hell or heaven when time demands. Most of such warriors fight for their races, tribes, and nations and win laurels, but sometimes they may take up arms to save a damsel in distress. However, one thing is certain whatever happens, they always keep their arms with them to pounce upon the enemies if there are any.

Negative Traits of Warrior Archetype Characters

Despite having a highly positive outlook, the warrior archetype has some negative traits that make them a class apart from other archetype characters. The first thing is that they always resort to violence to find a solution to a problem, and in some cases, this is entirely unprovoked. They become violent when the time is ripe for pacifism and peace. They use minds after they have used their physical power and use weapons to settle matters. In some cases, other categories have some other behavioral issues, such as arrogance, pride, and even boastfulness.

Warrior Archetype Character Examples in Literature

Example #1

Odysseus in The Odyssey by Homer

Although Odysseus is not a valiant soldier, he is a type of warrior who can fight the suitors of his wife, Penelope, and make them flee or get killed. Even when he faces some other creatures, he comes out with his sword and shield and shows that he can fight better than several professional warriors. Interestingly, this warrior archetype has also used his mind and heart at several places when confronting the sirens, Circle and Polyphemus. Therefore, he is a good warrior archetype character.

Example #2

Achilles in Iliad by Homer

He is one of the most handsome and greatest warrior archetype characters in literature. The commander of Agamemnon when the Trojan War befalls his tribe, Achilles, shows grit, bravery, and toughness of mind. He becomes invincible in almost every other battle and skirmish until his opponents learn about his soft spot, where they strike him with a poisonous arrow to kill him. This archetype has become proverbial due to this soft spot as Achilles’ heels.

Example #3

Fortinbras in Hamlet by Shakespeare

Despite the presence of King Hamlet, Hamlet, Laertes, and others, Fortinbras has appeared as a warrior as he can challenge every other force that has led to the defeat of his father, be it King Hamlet or Hamlet himself. His warrior nature emerges in the end when he comes to seek reconciliation with Hamlet despite knowing that his father has challenged Fortinbras’ father and defeated him in the battle. Due to this nature, he is also considered a good warrior archetype.

Example #4

William Wallace in Braveheart by Mel Gibson

William Wallace, a common Scottish, is perhaps one of the best warrior archetypes in movies. Directed by Mel Gibson, this movie presents the very director in the robes of that warrior, challenging the power of those times, the British throne, and causing the king to face several embarrassments at times when his power was at its peak. Although he is brutally cut into pieces when caught, he does not submit to the will of the throne until the last moment. Therefore, he has been shown as a good warrior archetype character.