Creator Archetype

What is the Creator Archetype?

The creator archetype, as the name suggests, seems akin to the Creator, but they are actually characters appearing in stories or myths. Such archetype characters are sometimes dreamers and sometimes doers. They are not just limited to idealists; they could be pragmatic, but one thing is common in them is that they have a vision, and they pursue it or have the courage and stamina to pursue it.

Types of Creator Archetype

Although they appear in storylines in various garbs or disguises, they have specific personality types. Some of the types of creator archetypes are as follows.

  1. Trailblazers, Renaissance individuals
  2. Political leaders, philosophers, thinkers, scientists, inventors, architects, sculptures and artists

Character Traits of Creator Archetype

As creator archetypes are idealists as well as pragmatic, they do not face failures. Sometimes when they seem facing failure, they become innovative and inspiring even if they are alone. However, in the case of idealists, they prove this through their originality, tireless effort and creativity. They are often fearless human beings, going against the tide and yet overcoming it. In real life, they could be inventors and creators, while in stories, they could be anything the writers want them to be.

Negative Character Traits of Creator Archetype

As creator archetype characters set their eyes upon the work in hand, they are often obsessive and become obdurate in their efforts to find the solution or create a new thing. They are often boring, narrowminded, and choosy. These negative traits, interestingly, help them in their pursuit and do not stop them from achieving what they want. And in this pursuit, they employ immoral, selfish, and even insensitive tools to achieve their ends. They are, therefore, egotistical and impulsive in their behavior.

Achievements of Creator Archetypes

Despite these negative character traits, creator archetypes often achieve great things in their lives and prove harbingers of new life and new situations. They create order, show the practicality of things and situations, are very receptive when it comes to listening to others, and believe in doing things rather than seeing things. As they want to do things, they sincerely make efforts and achieve what they want. That is why they often have great achievements in their lives.

Examples of Creator Archetypes

Example #1

Victor Frankenstein in Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

Victor is a perfect example of a creator archetype. He is cited as the hero of the novel, Frankenstein, as it has been titled with his name. Mary Shelley has presented Victor as having the passion to pursue his obsession of finding the formula for creating a new life. However, when he creates a monster, he faces the issue of blessing it with life that he succeeds and faces the consequences. Yet, his passion, his effort, and his hard work do not stop until he has achieved his objective.

Examples #2

Karen Eiffel in Stranger Than Fiction, directed by Marc Forster

Presented as the author, Karen is the creator of her characters. She often creates them and then kills them at her will. Interestingly, what she is doing is happening to real people, and she is unaware of this reality. When she comes to know about this, she faces a dilemma and suffers psychologically. However, she goes contrary and saves her last character, Harold Crick. Her role, however, proves her as a creator archetype.

Examples #3

Snowball in Animal Farm by George Orwell

Although Snowball takes instructions from Napolean or others, he changes slogans and commandments in such a way that he seems a creator archetype. He follows propaganda in charge of the Nazis, yet his inventiveness goes with him until the end when other animals feel chagrined at the transformation that he brings in the commandments.