10 Archetype Examples in Movies

As it has been defined as a typical example of a person, thing, object, or even animal, it presents a mental image that immediately comes to mind when finding similarities in some other thing. This imaginary comparison is often between the archetype and a living character, an object that is immediately present or a thing that is quite popular. Even some examples of such archetypes have appeared in the movies and have become popular. Some of the best archetype examples from movies are as follow.

Example #1

Everyman Archetype

These types of archetypes are often orphans, common individuals, or persons. In such cases, this type of archetype demonstrates a real picture of a person who seems similar to it. Such archetype examples are solidly virtuous, innocent, and realist. They do not pretend or show pretentions. They accept others, honor them and behave in a dignified manner, seem friendly and fair in dealings, and show understanding in relations. They continue enjoying the simple life, demonstrating all common values of loyalty, faith, and hope. Some of these examples are as follows.

  1. George Bailey in It’s a Wonderful Life
  2. Benjamin “Ben” McKenna in The Man Who Knew Too Much
  3. Frodo Baggins in The Lord of the Rings
  4. Huck Finn in Huckleberry Finn

Example #2

Innocent  Archetype

Such archetypes are not only mystics and dreamers but are often romantic and even naïve. They demonstrate their optimism, natural goodness, and faith in God with simplicity in manners. As they are pure, showing purity of life and virtue, they often demonstrate positivism, hope, and optimism. Strong personal values drive their life toward blissfulness. They have human features of love, faith, and loyalty. Some of the innocent archetype examples are as follows.

  1. Forrest Gump in the Forrest Gump
  2. Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz
  3. Alice in Alice in Wonderland

Example #3

Hero Archetype

Hero archetype includes all types of heroes such as a soldier, tribal chief, just ruler, warrior, crusader, dragon slayer, deliverer, or even a superhero. A classical hero delivers justice to his/her people, while a just ruler, too, delivers justice. However, a superhero surmounts all types of obstacles to save his nation or tribe. Such heroes even resort to violence for a just cause. The major character traits of such heroes are wisdom, strategic thinking, courage, boldness, determination, flexibility, resilience, daredevil type of nature with the mental power to plan, advance, and retreat. Some of the best hero archetypes are as follows.

  1. William Wallace in Braveheart
  2. Luke Skywalker in Star Wars
  3. Odysseus in the Odyssey movie
  4. Maximus in Gladiator

Example #4

Child Archetype

Child archetypes appear in various movies, making people identify them with other such characters around them, write about them or write characters like them. The main features of such archetypes are that a child appearing in movies could be a sagacious, truthful and happy one. He could have some physical weakness or deformity or naivety as people exploit his/her weaknesses. Some examples of such child archetypes found in movies are referred to in several documents and research as follows.

  1. Charlie in Charlie and Chocolate Factory
  2. Forrest Gump as a child in Forrest Gump
  3. Alice as a child in Alice in Wonderland movie

Example #5

Creator Archetype

The creator archetypes are not just visionary and intelligent, they are also highly curious to create something new that could prove beneficial for the public. Such types of archetypes often make sacrifices in some cases and prove highly self-centered when it comes to perfection in their talent or skill. They achieve this perfectionism at the cost of their family life and relations. Interestingly, they are often a failure case in terms of handing over their talent to their progeny.

  1. Willy Wonka in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory
  2. Mozart in Amadeus
  3. Christian in Moulin Rouge

Example #6

Caregiver Archetype

Such character archetypes take care of the persons in their custody. They even take risks and sacrifice their lives for this cause. They are also kindhearted, generous, and altruistic. They take care of their wards without rewards and put their own survival at stake when it comes to risks to the life of their wards. Such characters are often single-minded and highly focused. Some of the best caregiver archetype examples are as follows.

  1. The Weasleys in Harry Potter
  2. Clarence Oldbody in It Is a Wonderful Life
  3. Leight Anne Tuohy in The Blindside

Example #7

Mentor Archetype

This type of archetype character uses logical reasoning, magic, knowledge, or learning. They often teach the people around them about how to move ahead in life. They have a commanding personality and calming presence, including the presence of mind to give ears to anyone facing problems and issues. Their consultation and pieces of advice include everything. Such characters often ignore their persona and their problems. Some of the best mentor archetypes in the movies are as follows.

  1. Jay Pritchett in Modern Family movie
  2. Gandalf from Lord of the Rings
  3. Q group in James Bonds movies

Example #8

Joker Archetype

Joker archetypes are characters that cause humor in movies through different means. These means include wit, jokes, comic incidents, events, and even self-directed humor. Such archetypes also appear in tragedy as well to provide comic relief after the tension reaches its climax. When the audiences laugh, they feel relieved. Jokers usually present the sunny side of life or a distraction to cause relief from some painful event or situation. Some of the best joker archetypes in movies are as follows.

  1. Pumba in The Lion King
  2. Captain Jack in Pirates of the Caribbean
  3. Chandler Bing in Friends

Example #9

Magician Archetype

Magician archetypes are characters who demonstrate their knowledge of the esoteric world, use abracadabra, and seek to understand the situation, context, and history of the events to find out the solutions to the problems confronting them or their community. Sometimes, they use this knowledge against the people. Yet, they show pride and overconfidence, which mar their repute among the public. Lacking humility and excessive anger, too, contribute to their downfall. Some of the magician archetypes in movies are as follows.

  1. Ricky Jay in Deceptive Practice
  2. George Meleis in Hugo
  3. Ed Norton in The Illusionist

Example #10

Ruler Archetype

The ruler type of archetypes comprises tribal regions, regional leaders, country rulers, kings, emperors, chiefs, and even town rulers. They could be running companies, countries, or even educational institutions. Such archetypes are responsible persons in their own right and demonstrate the qualities and values befitting for a ruler, such as power, leadership, eloquence, and articulation to win the respect and awe of the common public. Some of the best ruler archetypes in movies are as follows.

  1. Churchill in The Darkest Hour
  2. Queen Anne in The Favorite
  3. Julius Caesar in Rome Series