Examples of How to Write a Complaint Letter

A letter of complaint or grievance is written to submit a complaint to the government or private sectors, especially to a person in authority. The complaint letter is also a request for an adjustment. It describes specific issues, damage, error, or mistake that happened in delivering a product. It can also include grievances about a person or institution for some offense or an action. The complaint letter reflects our concern about fair and foul and seeks a productive outcome. It is usually written in a formal style. The style of writing uses passives to be less direct and more formal. It shows the sender’s seriousness about pursuing the complaint. It can be like a warning or a request for a second chance in business.

Sometimes written words can be more expressive than spoken sentences. Hence, the letter of complaint is a formal and necessary way to express any issues to the higher authority. This also allows you to maintain a proof for the complaint or a grievance you submit. The complaint letters give the opportunity to raise voice against any wrongdoing. There are two types of complaint letter one is personal, and the other is professional. The professional complaint letter must follow the right format. The tone of complaint letter should be polite and simple, but the purpose should be clear. Some examples are given below:

Example 1

March 2, 2020

The Store Manager
Shope 230, Sector- 22

Dear Sir/ Madam

Subject: Complaint regarding the functioning of the watch and its replacement

On February 22, 2020, I bought a watch, Brand*, Model 223, worth  $300 from your store.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t perform well. The watch doesn’t work despite changing its battery twice. I am highly disappointed because such an act of neglect is not expected from your store. This store is, without a doubt, the renowned and well-reputed store in our town.

To resolve the problem, I would appreciate it if you replace the watch with a new fully functioning model. I have attached a copy of the receipt and the guarantee card.

i am looking forward to your reply and the resolution to my problem. I will wait until a week before seeking help from a consumer protection agency. Please contact me at the phone number: XXXXXXXXXX for further discussion. The contact details are also mentioned in the receipt.


Example 2

January 17, 2020

The Editor
Chen-Zay Magazine
Hong Kong

Subject: Regarding the reckless driving of school-bus drivers


Through the columns of your esteemed newspaper, I want to draw the attention of the concerned authorities towards the grave issue of rash driving being done by school- bus drivers that pose a threat to the lives of innocent children and pedestrians.

Rash driving in packed roads, crossing speed- limits, and ignoring traffic lights has become very common. Despite the strict rules from the traffic law and the school management, none of these drivers seem to follow them. This lack of implementation has become dangerous.

By addressing this issue, I hope that public awareness of the danger of reckless driving can be raised. It is the moment for traffic authorities to take stronger measures against these drivers; it can be hefty fines and forfeiting their license.


Wei Wong

Example 3

May 20, 2018

Mr. Benji Stork
Resident’s Association


Dear Mr. Stork,

I want to draw your attention to the bad parking habits of residents in our locality. It is resulting in a lot of chaos and no parking for those who come late.

Despite defining the area assigned to each vehicle, cars are parked amidst two parking spots. One vehicle occupies the space for 2-3 vehicles because of mismanagement, which causes frustration and tension for the other people who waste a lot of time in finding parking spots. Two-wheelers are placed nowhere near the allotted zone.

Various notices and warnings have been given to the rule- violators, no betterment can be seen. I request you to take strict action as this is leading to fights between residents. Please consider the depth of the situation.


Miller Fredrick

A concerned resident

Example 4

Mr. Kamer Stuart
Branch Manager
Lincoln bank
324 James Street
New York, SA 133213

October 14, 2013

Subject:  Regarding Debit Card of AC No. 008878600


With great regret, I am writing this to you about my unpleasant experience with your bank. I am an account holder of your bank for the past three years. My account number is 008878600.

For my convenience, I requested to issue me a debit card, for which I have paid fees two months before. Your executive informed me that I would receive the Debit Card in fifteen days. However, I haven’t received the debit card. I have made numerous calls and have not received the correct updates. Additionally, I was told the card had been dispatched. As you know, it is very difficult for me to approach the bank physically every time I need to withdraw money.

I have followed up to your staff and customer care center but in vain. I am writing to you now with a heavy heart that you will look upon my problem and resolve it promptly.

Thanks for your time and I will appreciate the immediate action


Kamer Stuart

Example 5

March 22, 2019.

Arnold Fillap
The Director-General
Steel and woods
33 Green lane Street
Staton Island


i am writing this letter to submit a complaint against my current supervisor, Mr. Duncan Smith. From the day he has been designated as our head, I have become a victim of continuous unfair treatment by him. At first, I took it as work pressure, but day by day, I came to realize that he did not like women. Unfortunately, I am the only woman in this department.

I have been working with the company for the last five years.  I have always given my best efforts for the betterment of this company, you can check my record, but the current circumstances forbid me to do so.

I request you to look into this matter so that I can work in a better environment.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Linda Lincoln

Field Manager

Example 6

January 24, 2019

R. Mustafa
Managing Director
Alburaq Air Lines
45 main landing
Usawa, Saudi Arabia.

Dear Sir,

i am writing this to make you know about the terrible experience which I had while traveling through your airline. My flight from Sochi to Uswa was full of disappointment. The flight was full of passengers, and your crew is not much cooperative to guide the passengers. Above all, it was late, and the passengers were not informed. We had to wait six hours after the check-in. The services were also not satisfactory and quick. I asked them twice for the cup of tea as it was very cold in there but in vain. I think the staff should be more trained so that we can travel with comfort during the flights.

Your response will be highly appreciated.


Oprah Minaz