Ideas For What To Write Wishes On Christmas Cards

Christmas is one of the festivals after the New Year’s which is celebrated worldwide. It is observed on 25th December every year to remember the birthday of Jesus Christ, who is the Son of God. The date and the celebration began in the 4th century during the time of the Roman Emperor Constantine. Constantine is also known as the first Christian Emperor. While Christmas is an important festival for Christians, where everyone goes to the church to attend prayers or mass, it is not limited to Christianity alone.

Every country in the world celebrate this joyous festival and take time to exchange gifts and greeting cards with each other. Most often gifts and cards are presented together. Greeting cards allow us to keep in touch with our family and the person who receives it will think of the sender and the special moments. Christmas cards can be given to siblings, relatives, friends, customers, clients, boss, and employees. So, here are a few situations and sentences that you can use while writing the wishes on Christmas cards.

1 – Wishing your friends

While wishing a friend the wishes can be either formal or casual. It depends on the type of friendship we share with our friends. The closer the relationship is the less formal wishes can be chosen while writing the cards. You must also keep in mind that not all our friends are Christians. In such situations, you can write the wishes without the religious aspect.

  • Dear ‘Name of your friend’, May this Christmas remind you of our Savior’s love and bring you a lot of happiness. Have a Merry Christmas/Have a Happy Holidays.
  • Have the best Christmas ever, ‘Name of the friend’.
  • I hope (and pray) this Christmas is filled with good things. Merry Christmas.
  • Dear ‘Name of your friend’, I am thinking warmly of you and wishing your family a wonderful Christmas with an extra measure of comfort, joy, and
  • Merry Christmas to you and your family, ‘Name of your friend’.
  • i am really thankful for your friendship. Wish you a Merry Christmas/Wish you Happy Holidays!
  • Dear ‘Name of your friend’, I wish you peace and joy this Christmas and forever. Thank you for being thoughtful and for being a fantastic
  • This year’s Christmas cake will be special. Because you are making it! Merry Christmas, ‘Name of your friend’.
  • Thank you for being with me throughout the year and this Christmas. Your presence made my Christmas special.
  • Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and the moments filled with joy and happiness.

2 – Wishing your family

Unlike friends, wishing family members is not easy. You must be thoughtful and remember their likes, choices and more importantly, what they mean to you. Personal messages make Christmas cards more meaningful. You can think of an occasion or a particular moment between you and the card receiver and add it in your message.

  • Dear ‘Name of your sibling, you are the best brother/sister anyone could have! I can’t wait to see your surprise when you open your Christmas present. Merry Christmas.
  • Wish you Happy Christmas/Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays, Dearest ‘Name of your aunt or uncle’ / Grandfather/Grandmother, you are, and always be will be very dear to my heart, and I also want to thank you for ‘present’. I hope you get to celebrate your next Christmas with us.
  • Happy Holidays, ‘Name of your family member’! I am going to miss you this Christmas. I have all the memories saved in the pictures and hope to see you very soon.
  • Dear ‘Name of your aunt or uncle/Grandparent/relative’ You are always a blessing to my family and especially me. Thank you for love ‘present’. Merry Christmas!
  • Thank you for reminding the meaning of true Christmas. I love you, mom/dad/aunt or uncle. Merry Christmas.
  • I think of all the precious moments I got to spend with you, thank you, aunt or uncle’ / Grandfather/Grandmother for the early Christmas Present. Can’t wait to see you. Merry Christmas.
  • Dear Mom/Dad, you are the best Christmas present! What else do I need except for a PS4! I may or may not be kidding but love you always. Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays.
  • i am so glad to call you one of my family members. Thank you for being wonderful. May this Christmas bring you all the happiness and joy!
  • Dear Sibling name/aunt or uncle/Grandfather/Grandmother, I am grateful for the time I got to spend with you this Christmas. Thanks for making it memorable. Merry Christmas.
  • ‘Name’, hope you have enjoyed opening your presents on Christmas Eve. And Ho, Ho, Ho!  Don’t forget to write a thank you letter to Santa.  Merry Christmas!

3 – Wishing a friend or family member far away

If someone close is not going to celebrate Christmas with us, it would certainly hurt the family as well as the person unable to attend Christmas celebration. The above wishes are suitable but if you are missing a very close member of the family below examples may add depth to your wishes.

  • Dear/Dearest/My dear ‘Name’, we are really missing you this Christmas. Please know you are in our prayers and we hope to see you soon.
  • Though you are far from us this Christmas, you are always in our hearts. Enjoy your present and don’t forget to share your love. Merry Christmas.
  • ‘Name’ without you Christmas will not be the same. But we are glad that you are having a good time at ‘place name’. Miss you very much and we can have a mini Christmas celebration when you return.
  • Don’t forget to have a couple of extra drinks and a slice of pizza. We are really missing you this Christmas. Merry Christmas, ‘Name’.