How To Write Synopsis With Examples

A synopsis is a brief and general view of a storyline and other defining factors of a literary work. Also known as a summary or an outline, its a condensed statement of a large piece of work to the point and in an effective manner. It tells us about the plot, style, genre, characters, tone, theme, the story from the beginning, climax, and anti-climax. It gives a reliable preview of writing skills. It is mostly written in active voice and third person. The impression of emotions and feelings is also included in it. In short, it is less, and yet we can understand the critical parts of a story or a poem. It can be of any type – fictional and non-fictional setting. When writing a synopsis, we shouldn’t be over-detailed and wordy. It helps in grabbing the attention and convincing the readers. A synopsis should be long enough to pack in everything good about the story or any writing piece.

Synopsis of Cinderella

Cinderella, a kind and thoughtful girl, lives with her stepsisters; Clorinda and Tisbe. Her cruel stepmother makes her work all day long. Three of them are jealous of her beauty, so enslaved her and kept her in rags. One day they get the invitation from the king. He wants to throw a ball to find a bride for his some, the prince. Cinderella’s stepmother refuses to take her with them. There, the Fairy godmother helps her in getting a beautiful dress, slippers, and carriage. She tells her to come back before the stroke of 12, midnight. If she didn’t return, the spell would be broken. When Cinderella arrives at the ball, the prince falls in love with her instantly. No doubt Cinderella, enchants the prince but must face the anger of her stepmother when the spell wears off. She runs before the clock strikes but leaves her slipper in the rush. Later the prince finds her with the help of this glass slipper and confesses his love. They are reunited and embark on their lives together.

Synopsis of “The Bear”

The play takes place in the drawing-room of Elena Ivanovna Popova’s estate on the seven month anniversary of her husband’s death. She was leading a mournful life after his death. Her servant Luka tried to convince her for second marriage but all in vain. Smirnov comes to collect his debt to Popova, which her husband had borrowed. At first, Popova refuses to meet him but later sees Smirnov and tells him that she has no money, and she will pay back in a few days. This really annoys Smirnov, and he acts rudely and calls all women selfish and faithless. Popova also calls him a bear, and this is how the fight begins. Luka calls gardener and servant to stop them from fighting. Later their fight ends with love and brings them close. This play is a direct criticism of the hypocrisy of Russian society.

Synopsis of poem ‘After Apple Picking’

After Apple Picking is a poem by Robert Frost, which is set in a rural New England. The poem talks about the speaker and how he’s finishing his work of apple picking. He is now on his way to everyday sleep. Then he starts dreaming of massive apple harvesting. He is getting sick of this apple picking. In the end, he let the reader confused about his idea of sleep.

Synopsis of poem ‘Little Miss Muffet

Poor little girl Miss Muffet wants to eat her curd and whey in peace. Meantime a spider comes, and she desperately dashes away. So she runs away, leaving the food behind.

Synopsis of short story ‘The Little Willow’

The Little Willow is a story of silent love that is set in the heart of London during the Second World War. Lisby and Simon both love each other, but they don’t express their love to each other. Now the army officer Simon comes to the courthouse to say goodbye to Lisby. She gives him a little willow tree as a token of his love. Her other sisters Charlotte and Brenda are different; outwardly beautiful but thoughtless; they both are engaged to other army officers. Later Simon is killed in the war. The war ends, and the lovers of her sisters return safely. A guest tells her that he was with Simon at the time of death. He tells her that Simon loved that girl who gave him the willow tree. Lisby discloses her love to that man. She feels very satisfying in knowing that. When her sisters tell her that there is no letter for her, she says that she has received her letter. This story is very profound at the same time, very compulsive.

Synopsis of the essay ‘Bachelor’s Dilemma’:

The essay “Bachelor’s Dilemma” by Herbert Gold throws light on the problems faced by a bachelor in American society. The real dilemma lies in the confusion that a bachelor faces about his position in the civilized society. He is like an acrobat in a circus of life who is always staggering between love and marriage. A wife has tender feelings for him, whereas the husband takes him as a rival. A young girl looks at him as a possible catch. The other bachelors take him as an enemy who snatches away their love and bore him with his complaints. A confirmed bachelor is, in fact leading an abnormal life and so come across many difficulties.

Synopsis of Bird Box

This is a synopsis of the film, Bird Box. Amid a nightmarish new reality where an unseen evil force removes the global population. So, the mother, Malorie, and her two children embark on a life-threatening quest to find a safe place on earth. The real enemy is their eyesight—and as the defenseless blindfolded protector summons up the courage to follow a faint hope, hidden deep in a refuge down through the river. To be blind is the only thing that can save them. Their unsighted voyage led them to many difficulties. It and also creates a strong relationship with her children. No matter how dark times are, there is always a beam of light at the end of the tunnel.

Synopsis of Harry Potter

The story begins at the eleventh birthday of Harry when he comes to know that his parents were wizards. He receives a letter from Hagrid for the acceptance and invitation to study at Hogwarts. He leaves his uncle Vernon, aunt Petunia, and his cousin Dudley. He makes new friends Hermione and Ron. He learns many techniques at Hogwarts, taught by his professors and the headmaster, Dumbledore. His friends help him through the most challenging years in Hogwart. He comes to know about the reality of his parent’s death. The wizard practicing dark magic: Voldemort. His scar and mirror alarm him of Voldemort. Every experience Harry, Hermione, and Ron find themselves in dangerous situations. However, it brings them closer to Harry as his fight with Voldemort begins.