30 Funny Puns to Write on Birthday Cards

A pun is using a trick that plays on words and its effect is hidden in similar meaning as well as sound. Birthdays are important for everyone. The birthday girl or a boy looks forward to this day for presents and cards. So, at this time of happiness, giving a special birthday card with puns play an essential role, whether they are written on the walls or on cards. These puns combined with wishes make someone’s day brighter, even if it may not be on their birthday.

Birthday cards with puns turn a tough day into a better day. Also, people use puns in wishes to make them more memorable and everlasting in the recipient’s mind. Puns add meaning to the wishes while creating irony and humor in words. Puns give a special touch to wishes and add cheer to his or her special day. Especially, if one can’t send the gift due to any reason, a birthday card with pun and heartful wishes is the best choice. Everyone can write them with good literary knowledge and a light mood. It might be challenging for some people without inspiration. However, puns need fewer words, and using less generic messages can make his or her birthday or day more memorable.

Examples of puns on birthday cards

  1. It’s happy to hear that you are alive and still cake-ing.
  2. Wish you a grate birthday, don’t make it too cheesy.
  3. Enjoy your sherbert day, but don’t eat much cake on this very day.
  4. Surprise! Let’s par-tea. Happy Birthday!
  5. We are here to hold a candle for your birthday, just order the cake please!
  6. At last the cat’s out of the bag, its the day when you were born.
  7. Hello! Happy birthday to my paw-some buddy.
  8. Don’t make us emotional. Even your cake is in tiers.
  9. Piece of cake is just in wishing you.
  10. We donut know, how can we pass this day without you so here’s a surprise!!!!!!!
  11. Birthday is not only a moment of smile, look my friend is speghetting older and older.
  12. Happy birthday! My dino-mite.
  13. Wishing you an egg-cellent birthday.
  14. Join all, its to shell-ebrte.
  15. Happy Birthday! don’t ignore us we will ketchup soon.
  16. We just dream a cake and you bake it possible
  17. I wish your birthday wouldn’t be a barf-day. Got my point?
  18. It your Birthday, I don’t bother how you slice it.
  19. It’s batter to believe, yes! Its your birthday.
  20. Wish you a flantastic birthday.
  21. Your birthday would be shrimply amazing, your buddies are here for your day.
  22. Time to quaran-teen, Happy Birthday dear.
  23. May you live many years and more, Hoopy Birthday!
  24. Wishing you a panda-emic birthday this time.
  25. O-live there its time to celebrate your birthday.
  26. Don’t have a hot take, we know its your birthday.
  27. Candles don’t need to exercise they just burn out quite easily.
  28. wishing you an oldieth birthday!
  29. I was thinking for some chemistry jokes but I doubted their reaction.
  30. Its’ hot! People are toasting you on your day.

Points to remember while writing puns on cards

In conclusion, these birthday puns in cards make a birthday boy or girl feel important and crack a laugh or giggle on the face. Although puns are jokes, not all jokes are puns. The best way is to mix things with some personal witty touch. Cards with puns and wishes would allow the writer to make the receiver realize how special he or she is unique. Thus, making an expression of sincere wishes to loved ones treasure forever.